"People need you, Rachelle" - Juliet Faber, Owner of EarthlyElementsPottery, Saint Clair, MI
I, Rachelle Nicks, am an artist who describes myself as a "dabbler" since I practice skills across various art forms. Despite the challenges of navigating the path to success, I am dedicated to mastering and overcoming these obstacles in pursuit of my craft. 
I aim to fulfill my customers' needs, desires, and wishes by using my artisan technique which incorporates elements of nature, everyday items, bold colors, and a fresh perspective. 
My custom-made creations range from cutting boards, wooden spoons, home decor, signage, coasters, jewelry, wooden projects, accessories, and more. 
Alongside my product offerings, I also provide photography services. 
My focus is on creating products that can complement the lives of my customers while infusing a sense of whimsy and creativity. I expresses gratitude for my customers' patience as I am still refining my product offerings.

- The Blended Oasis - Owner, Rachelle Nicks

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